Here’s what past attendees are saying about their Women|Future Conference experience…

“The Women|Future Conference completely exceeded my expectations. It was the best virtual conference I have ever participated in. I loved the diversity of topics and speakers – I will definitely attend the next one!”
Virginia Marcolin CEO/Founder, Aroma Textiles Lab
“I was honoured to be a speaker at the 2021 Women|Future Conference addressing the challenges women face in the workplace. The insights and takeaways – the feedback from the audience reaffirmed the value and impact of the conference and the work many of the speakers and leaders do daily. It is rewarding to see women helping empower other women.”
Dr. Georgette Zinaty Executive Vice President, Corporate Class Inc.
“I LOVED the speakers and learned so much from their presentations. I am so grateful and excited to have found this conference! It is amazing! I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years in my non-profit career. This is one of the best! These ladies know their stuff and the virtual aspect really makes it very personal in a fun way. They gave very focused, detailed insight on their specific topic and answered questions too!”
Ruby Gary Registered Nurse, Bayless School District
“What a delight it was to participate in such an organized summit with fun smart speakers. As a speaker, I met so many people I will stay in contact with regarding my topic (building relationships). That happened because there was so much engagement in the sessions and a real interest by the speakers and audiences to connect. I LOVED this conference!”
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker Red Hawk Strategic Solutions
“This is my second time attending the Women|Future Conference. The speakers who attended this conference truly care about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Recognizing that different people have different needs. If we are committed to giving people what they need to succeed, everyone then wins. The conference concentrates on different industries from technology, marketing, e-commerce, financing, and mental health. It was a big chance to connect with powerful women, tell their own stories, and how they have overcome obstacles to get to where they are now. It was a great experience and still by far the best conference I have attended.”
Shirin M Alhroob Student, University of North Carolina
“The Women|Future Conference was a collection of dynamic female leaders who came ready and willing to share their experiences (good and bad) and encourage one another to stay true to who we are as female leaders. The discussions were engaging, thoughtful, and raw and I was able to take pages of ideas back to my team about how Ruby could raise the bar on ethics in business even higher.”
Kate Winkler Founder/CEO, Ruby
“The conference was well organized and focused on the topics women need to succeed in the workplace today and as entrepreneurs! I participated in a panel on career reinvention and enjoyed getting to know my fellow panelists and the moderator did a great job with the conversation! We also had some good questions from the women who came live with us! I look forward to participating again next year!”
Judy Schoenberg EvolveMe
“I participated as a speaker on a panel and attended a few other sessions as time allowed. The thing I valued the most was the diversity of experts and the timeliness of new content that feeds into our current circumstances. I was overjoyed to see so many speakers present in different ways and the added value each brought! There was no hard sell just value for our times! That’s pretty special!”
Pat Armistead World’s First Joyologist, Joyology
“The conference was phenomenal! This was the most organized and well-planned virtual event I’ve been a part of. Top-notch from the beginning to the end, and the organizers thought of everything! The sessions, speakers, and attendees were amazing.”

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