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Viola Palescandolo

Founder & CEO
Black Platinum Gold B.V.

Former naval engineer, luxury market expert, superyacht insider and passionate traveler, Viola Palescandolo founded Black Platinum Gold B.V. in 2017: today it’s the first and most important luxury travel auction platform.
Viola always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. After gaining international expertise in the luxury industry, she decided to start her own business, a one-of-its-kind company which would give a deeper meaning to the word “luxury”.
She founded Black Platinum Gold completely by herself, with no associates or investors, to empower dreamers to be go-getters, and created the first travel auction platform that makes luxury more accessible without markdowns.
In June 2022 the company helmed by Viola entered the NFTs market with the project “Unlocking Uniqueness”, selling at auction ultra-luxury experiences in the real world as NFTs.
She owns 100% of the company and is deeply involved in every aspect of management and new business.
Her business model is based on a virtuous cycle, which generates real value for all the involved parties (travellers, hotels, destinations), going far beyond a regular “services in exchange of a fee” model.

Born and raised in Naples (Italy), Viola lived in Amsterdam, London, São Paulo, Verona and Milan.