Toby-Hassan Fishman

Toby Hassan-Fishman

Chief Creative Officer

Eff Creative Group

As the self-taught co-founder of an Inc. 500 company, a single mother and a full time perfectionist, Toby’s inspiring story is one of female resilience and tenacity. With a natural knack for design and aesthetics, Toby was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early stage and relentlessly pursued her freelance work as an independent consultant with an elite clientele and her expertise in branding, design and advertising. Toby worked with clients across industries and geographical borders, effectively communicating a brand’s ethos through strategy, design and creative marketing.

Toby’s years of experience in design and killer aesthetics led to the founding of Eff Creative Group in 2013;a company that has today won over 40 international awards in all of it’s services offered as well as secured its place among the fastest growing companies in America according to Inc. 5000, having being on the list for 4 consecutive years. The vertically integrated powerhouse is based in Times Square, New York, with a culturally diverse team of young professionals who specialize in strategy, design, software development, marketing, PR, and most of all, powerful storytelling.

The award winning creative maestro’s secret to success is reflected in her ability to nurture the diverse team of Eff Creative Group to build products and provide services that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation through strategy. Toby expanded her vision for the agency across the world, literally, with the launch of Eff Creative Group’s Singapore office in the Summer of 2018, to seamlessly spread Eff’s ‘East meets West’ mentality for elite clients in Southeast Asia and India.