Jackson, Suzy

Suzy Jackson

Corporate Executive & Leadership Trainer
SKJ Coaching

Suzy began her career as a professional musician & agent in London, before moving to a large professional services firm and rising through the ranks to Managing Director (Partner) across the span of a decade. Suzy has worked with clients across 5 continents, and has personally lived in the UK and the US. Suzy’s mission in life is amplifying other’s voices, and she lives this through her consulting work, and SKJ Coaching, helping thousands of people learn the art of great communication skills, public speaking, intentional self-advocacy, and corporate storytelling. Suzy is an ICF certified executive coach, a career coach, keynote speaker, and trainer.
When Suzy isn’t coaching or consulting, she can be either be found at home with her husband and two cats, Mittens and Maya, or travelling the world, scuba diving and discovering new restaurants. Suzy is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and focuses her volunteering time on non-profits centered around economic mobility, domestic violence / sexual assault support, and women’s health.