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Suzanne F. Stevens

Conscious Leadership and Social Contributor Cultivator
YouMeWe Social Impact Group Inc.

Suzanne F. Stevens is a Conscious Leadership and Social Contribution Cultivator. As YouMeWe Social Impact Group founder, Suzanne has been invigorating audiences on five continents for twenty-two years to make their contributions count! With Suzanne’s thought-provoking, dynamic, and humorous manner, she challenges audiences’ perceptions, empowers them with strategies, and inspires them to act! As a globetrotter, Suzanne has lived and traveled to over 60 countries for business, adventure, and philanthropy. She has interviewed women and non-binary leaders and entrepreneurs in 25+ of them on YouMeWe Amplified Podcast.
As an international speaker, author, podcast host, impactprenuer community builder, Suzanne grows Conscious Leaders and their social impact. She is the author of Make your contribution Count, for you, me, we, a Certified Speaking Professional (one of 65 in Canada and among 15% globally), past president of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur.