Jun, Sohee

Sohee Jun

Founder + Chief Inspiration Officer
S.J. Consulting, LLC

Dr. Sohee Jun is a Amazon bestselling author of “Mommytracked: How to Take Authentic Risks & Find Success on Your Terms” and an expert on the challenges that face working women in today’s complex world, as well as a sought-after executive coach, keynote speaker, and leadership development facilitator.
Sohee has over twenty years’ experience in the corporate world, including serving as the executive director of organization development and change management at Warner Bros. Entertainment. Today, she helps leaders change themselves from frustrated executives to insightful, impactful, and inspired humans. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in high-powered industries such as entertainment, gaming, financial services, and engineering. Sohee inspires women to reject societal limitations and instead ask for what they want and need—at home, at work, and in motherhood—during the ever-changing seasons of our lives.
As women, we’re programmed from early on to achieve balance and that we must “balance” everything from succeeding at work to being a phenomenal PTA mom if we have kids and to be available for our friends and family, to look great, stay fit AND more!
In this session, participants dive deep into examining how chasing balance puts them on the fast track to burnout! Dr. Sohee will show you how to get off that exhaustive balance treadmill and to live in an integrated way that honors our core values, our top priorities AND aligns us to the changing milestones and seasons of our lives.