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Sinead Rose

We Are We

Sinead Rose is passionate about empowering women and challenging them to be better than their past and present circumstances. Her focus is to encourage them to go against the grain of societal pressures and authentically live out their truest potential. Through her charity We Are We, she is an advocate for gender equality and is currently fighting for change surrounding the narratives and taboos associated with menstruation. In addition to campaigning against Period Poverty, Sinead is also passionate about sparking conversation and bringing awareness to issues that negatively affect women due to societal pressures, gender discrimination, and highlighting the struggles uniquely faced by black women to name a few.
Outside of the charity, she is also a powerhouse consultant, having worked with over 80 multi-million dollar companies listed on the London, Euronext and New York Stock Exchanges. Her 10 year experience expands across world leading companies such as Google, Shopify Plus, SocialTalent and Salesforce. In addition to this, she currently travels the world engaging in consultative relationships focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies with a measurable difference in the world of technology.
Sinead is open to connect with individuals who would like to collaborate on any projects relevant to her passions of giving back and making a difference to the lives of women. In her spare time she enjoys reading books, drinking tea, trying new restaurants and playing the cello.