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Safiya Johnson

Leadership Strategist & CEO
Safiya Group

Safiya is a Leadership Strategist who helps executives, especially millennials, exceed their career goals and still have a life. She knows what it takes to rise through the leadership ranks and impress her toughest critics as a young executive. Being inducted into the C-suite in her early 20s, Safiya had a stellar corporate career including pioneering a massive portfolio of projects valued in excess of US$1.5 Billion which included signature national projects that have reaped significant annual profits – all the while singlehandedly raising her son and enjoying thriving out-of-work activities. Safiya believes that no one should have to choose between being successful and their personal lives, and developed a practical, winning leadership strategy to accomplish just that.
Safiya has worked with many executives and managers across several industries around the globe to help them produce compelling influence with their teams, peers and seniors, and spotlight them for promotions, all without working more and burning themselves out. She is a best-selling author and is an international speaker who has shared the stage with persons such as Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood.
Safiya is also a Chartered Accountant and the founder of Safiya Group, a business support agency that provides specialist services in accounting, human resources and strategic planning. Safiya and her team essentially help their clients better manage their money, their people and their future. Safiya Group has a retention rate of 95% with a client base in Trinidad and Tobago, across the Caribbean and the United States.
Safiya is also the Founder of Mighty Warrior: The Conference, Shake The Ground Program and Increase Your Influence Challenge. At heart, Safiya is passionate about seeing people and organizations grow! To find out more, visit www.SafiyaJohnson.com and www.SafiyaGroup.com. Also, you can visit her YouTube Channel, Safiya Johnson (The Leaders Chatroom).