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Paula Kennedy Garcia

EVP Global Innovation and Product Strategy
24-7 Intouch

Paula Kennedy Garcia hails a successful 20+year industry career in CX innovation, leading transformational solutions to improve customer and employee experiences, now leading the charge for at 24-7 Intouch, as the company’s EVP for Global Innovation and Product Strategy.
She has been accoladed more than 8 times for her leadership acumen at international level during her career, but her progression into an innovation-focussed role is where her insight, creativity and acute vision for future-ready emerging solutions has added product and practice award recognition an incredible 22 times in the last 5 years, transforming traditional operating models with fresh, forward-thinking dynamic digital-first design.
These innovation success stories have improved CX strategy and generated growth across new economy spaces like gig-economy, neuro-informed wellbeing, advanced language AI and complex practice design in the online Trust and Safety industry as it evolves through Web2 to Web3 transition.
Paula’s championing for diversity is a cornerstone of her leadership, and earlier this year she authored and launched iamwomaNFT.com, a free-to-use ebook for the female and non binary community, to encourage more participation in what is currently a male-dominated NFT space, as a platform for inclusivity in the emerging Metaverse and crypto space.