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Michelle Kuei

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Michelle Kuei is an international professional speaker, coach, and critically acclaimed author. Her life’s mission is to be the champion that empowers women to get to the top of their mountain, one courageous step at a time.At age 11, Michelle was permanently disabled in a car accident that froze her growth at 4’ 4” and left her needing crutches to walk. By her own admission, she wasn’t just physically small – she used to live her life emotionally small. The hardest part of living with a visible disability was the shame and unworthiness she carried in her heart and mind. In her book, Perfectly Normal: An Immigrant’s Story of Making It In America, Michelle shared her stories of Love, Courage, and Connection to empower her audience in letting go of the imposter so they can make a more significant impact. Michelle was born in Taiwan, Grew up in New York, And today she lives in Los Angeles, California, with her short-hair orange tabby cat named ‘Toby’.