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Marnie LeFevre

Founder & CEO, Fempire

Founder and CEO of international coaching brand, Fempire, Marnie LeFevre has made it her mission to inspire women to step up and lead with courage, confidence and from the feminine. Something every industry needs and something she is deeply passionate about.
On her own journey to success, Marnie’s experience in marketing and business development saw her working for entrepreneurial heavyweights like Virgin founder, Richard Branson, and renowned conglomerates like British Telecom. She has also lived, worked or studied in countries as diverse as Japan, United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and South Korea, forging a unique pathway that opened a wealth of possibilities for an aspiring female leader and offered diverse opportunities that led to Marnie establishing businesses all over the world in many different industries.
Following the success of several international businesses, Marnie went on to write a #1 bestselling business book for women, speak on stages globally on business and leadership and launch Fempire International, a business and leadership coaching company for women.
Marnie has found success and balance in life, despite the struggles and unconscious bias many women face in business. She uses this experience to help other women understand what it will take to succeed as a woman in business and to show women they can achieve as business women and be loving, connected mothers who raise incredible children as well.
Her company Fempire, the #1 business coaching brand for women worldwide, provides a unique business coaching certification and curriculum for women looking to become coaches. Fempire makes the business of business coaching easy and provides the support and resources to ensure women find the confidence to launch their coaching business and become leaders that little girls look up to.