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Jen Buck

Award Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author, Chief Communications Officer
One Hundred Angels

With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer, Jen Buck’s strength and conviction on the platform have earned her standing ovations and rave reviews around the world. Jen began the first decade of her career in a startup where she helped launch a billion dollar global and award-winning brand while in a leadership development role. She has since launched an online learning academy for women, founded several nonprofits, and sits on the executive board for two organizations. Jen is currently the Chief Communications Officer for the One Hundred Angels Foundation which is a female founded and all female led organization that provides comfort to underserved populations in need. As a Bestselling author with six publications, the host of a television show that is seen in 50 countries worldwide, as well as hosting a podcast that highlights female leaders who are changing their corner of the world, Jen is ALL IN when it comes to elevating women.
Jen has spoken to over a million people throughout her professional speaking career, delivering keynotes and workshops in front of audiences ranging from 10- 25,000 people. She focuses on leadership and management and is committed to helping female leaders thrive in ever-evolving and high-intensity environments. Jen Buck is a Certified Master Trainer with eight professional designations, along with being a Certified Professional Coach with three coaching designations. She helps people increase their potential and output so that they can achieve higher levels of success. Along with working with some of the largest brands in the world, she has trained and coached 4- and 5-Star Generals, the highest-level executives at Coca-Cola, Mercedes, McDonalds, Walmart, Google, Yale University, and even an Emmy nominated actress—the demand for her knowledge and perspective is very broad. You can reach Jen at jenbuckspeaks.com