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Dr. Cheryl Cooper

Business Information Security Officer
T-Mobile Corporation

Dr. Cheryl Cooper, a US Naval Veteran, holds a Doctorate in Computer Science, Information Assurance. She is a Business Information Security Officer and has earned several security certifications in CISSP,CISSA, and CDPSE. She has 15+ years of Cybersecurity experience and 12+ years teaching higher education as an adjunct professor. Dr. Cooper also sits on multiple cybersecurity boards.
Dr. Cooper is founder of Women in Security Mentors. As speaker and panelist, she uses her platform to advocate and create equal opportunities for women and minorities in technology careers. She is passionate about helping others, clearly demonstrating that through a variety of community initiatives. Dr. Cooper is the recipient of multiple awards including being a champion and a bridge builder.
An esteemed and well respected professional and mentor, Dr. Cooper also adds author to her resume. Her memoir, Hood to Hooded, is set to release in Summer of 2022.