Dutta, Deboshree

Deboshree Dutta

Founder & CEO


Deb Dutta is the CEO of Criya – an AI tech startup backed by the prestigious Y Combinator and top tier VCs. Deb, is a female immigrant founder with 13+ years of experience as a successful Product Executive at PayPal, Microsoft, Hitachi. Deb holds a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon in computer science.

Featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, New York Times, CBS and Y Combinator, Deb is an established keynote speaker, Forbes contributor and leads the Women in Product chapter. Aside from that, Deb actively mentors women to develop their skills in product management, entrepreneurship and fundraising.

Currently as the CEO of Criya, Deb is shaping the future of Professional Excellence with AI. In a highly competitive market, Criya AI makes you and your ideas look brilliant. Enter a few keywords and get perfectly designed, concise and high converting webpages in seconds.