MacDonald, Cheryl

Cheryl MacDonald

Yoga Master


Cheryl MacDonald is a Yoga Master, creator of the Birth ROCKS method, author and serial entrepreneur. YogaBellies is a whole-life approach to wellness for women: Yoga practices, breathing techniques, mindfulness, shadow work, self-improvement, and nutrition. Helping women to you love themselves and live their best life is my soul purpose. I understand why women need yoga throughout life – and that it can benefit us as much in life as it can in class. I’ve practiced and I’ve taught women at every life stage – in fact, over 100,000 women in the UK alone, have come along to YogaBellies classes to balance their hormones, relieve stress, find their calm place for birth, chill with baby afterward and battle the symptoms of menopause. Yoga is as important to women at 14 as it is 99, and over my 25 years of yoga practice, I have developed The YogaBellies Sadhana, to give women exactly what they need in a safe and therapeutic practice. YogaBellies isn’t just about pulling shapes: It’s about loving yourself, on and off the yoga mat. Body positivity, Self-love, and Self-worth are all important elements of our practice and the EMPOWER™ journey.