Encinales, Betty

Betty Encinales

Executive Talent Acquisition, Becruit

Recruiter, Goldman Sachs

Betty Encinales knows the recruitment world well. In 2014, she founded a boutique recruitment firm, Becruit Ltd. This company served international clients and industry leaders within the Investment banking Banking and Fintech space clients such as UBS, Fintipay, Monzo, and HSBC. Betty is currently working as a Executive Talent acquisition specialist for Goldman Sachs recruiting for the Investment Banking Division. Having mastered recruitment for over 15 years lead Betty and her passion for wellbeing and Positive leadership to studied the science of positive psychology and happiness at work . She has undertaken multiple courses to gain a comprehensive understanding of these principles, with a focus on how they can be applied in practice, in the modern workplace. Betty Encinales, an award-winning entrepreneur, Women in Fintech Power list recruiter, and TEDx presenter. Outside of her busy work life, Betty has a passion for endurance sports she is a multi-marathon runner and an Ironman triathlete. She is also involved in regular fundraising projects that are transforming lives through training and education.