Alycia Huston

Alycia M. Huston

Founder & CEO

The Culture Cru

Alycia Huston is a trailblazing woman in STEM and a leader who has left an indelible mark in her industry. As the co-founder and CEO of a biopharma company in San Diego, she spent a decade leading her team to implement growth strategies and foster an inclusive, high-performance culture. Her success culminated in the sale of the venture in 2014. Today, as a certified NeuroLeadership consultant, trainer, and speaker, Alycia leverages her 20+ years of experience in neuroscience, communication, and empathy to help businesses develop a culture of belonging through her company, The Culture Cru. With her functional expertise in strategic planning and business operations management, Alycia has a proven track record of driving revenue growth by transforming clients’ business needs into valued solutions. She is dedicated to creating people-centered workplaces where employees experience inclusivity and psychological safety. Alycia’s remarkable achievements have opened opportunities for her to speak to NASA’s Leadership Colloquium, be quoted in WIRED Magazine (2020) and be featured in SPEAKERS Magazine (2022).