View some of our top 2022 sessions on-demand, featuring Stevie Award-winning speakers and other fantastic panelists!

Turning Passion Into Profit

The Turning Passion Into Profit session, led by media and PR veteran / entrepreneur Michelle Mekky, founder and CEO of Mekky Media Relations, features a candid conversation with three visionary and impressive founders who have turned their own passions into meaningful business endeavors: Viola Palescandolo of Black Platinum Gold B.V., Hailey Swartz of Actual Veggies and Joanna Waterfall of Yellow Co. The panel members’ industries and expertise range from media to travel to gourmet vegetable burgers to support systems for female entrepreneurs — but they share the similarity of breaking barriers and overcoming struggles to grow their businesses and achieve their dreams. They will reveal the highs and lows of their journeys and their advice for finding not just profit, but purpose and fulfillment.

Crafting and Delivering the Perfect Pitch

Ready or not, you get one shot at making a first impression. And with the average human attention span only lasting 8 seconds, you have less time than ever to do it. Knowing how to be your best advocate and tell your story right the first time is essential to your success. In this session, you’ll learn how to prepare and enter a pitch competition, set yourself apart from the competition, and captivate potential investors.

Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace: How Diversity Creates Opportunity

Data shows that increasing the diversity of your organization will lead to improved innovation, better financial outcomes, retention, recruitment and individual work satisfaction and engagement. This session will highlight the importance of diversity inclusiveness and its impact on company culture, innovation and performance.

Think Like An Investor: How to Get the Funding You Deserve

Listen to these panelists discuss how you can get more funding, think like an investor and learn from veteran founders and Startup Advisors, supporting and advocating for small business to connect to capital, creative financing platform, resources, mentors and partners. what advice do you have for people seeking funding in this dynamic market and lessons learned.

Find Your Voice: Insider Secrets from Seasoned Speakers

Listen to expert, sought after female global speakers Suzy Jackson, Bri Williams, Em Washington and Marnie LeFevre in this high-energy panel session where they’ll share the speaker secrets they (and their clients) use to connect to an audience and take them on a journey that leaves them feeling inspired, uplifted and moved. They’ll share their insider secrets to crafting your inspiring story (and the importance of storytelling), managing an audience’s experience and their simple tips to getting yourself booked as a speaker. Plus, they speak about the unique challenges women face as speakers and how to overcome them. Each speaker will also be giving you a gift at the end of the session to help you accelerate your speaking success!